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How to do automated regression testing

Regression testing is a critical part of the software development process. It's the set of tests that you perform after you've made changes to your code, in order to make sure that you haven't broken anything. The ideal way to do this is through automated regression testing.

What Is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is when you run a set of test cases after changing some code in order to make sure everything still works as expected and that there are no new bugs or unexpected problems. In an ideal world, these tests would be automatic and would run every time new code is checked in, every night and before any release.

Why Automated Regression Testing Is Important?

Regression testing by hand can be tedious, error-prone and very time consuming. And each time you have to do it it will get even more time consuming because there are more and more applications to test against — both on different browsers (if you're doing Web applications) and on different versions (if you support binary compatibility). As such, automated regression testing is important because it saves time, reduces errors, improves consistency and increases speed.

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